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Our audio system is similar to Unity's - we also have an AudioSource component and a AudioClip class that hold actual clips.

The audio level is the best place for you to get started.

Essential API

  • AudioClip class is responsible for loading in audio files and show be passed to AudioSource component to be played
    • AudioClip::Load("filePath", "soundName"): Load audio file as AudioClip, returns AudioClip*. Path is relative to "Resources"
    • AudioClip::Find("soundName"): Find already loaded audio file, returns AudioClip*
  • AudioSource component is responsible for playing sound and managing its properties
    • AudioSource::AudioSource(AudioClip* clip): construct an AudioSource component by passing in an AudioClip*
    • AudioSource::SetAudioClip(AudioClip* clip): Set the audio clip to be played on an audio source
    • AudioSource::Play(), AudioSource::Pause(), AudioSource::SetVolume(float volume)
    • AudioSource::SetProperty(Property prop, bool value): Set properties like 3D, loop, and mute
  • AudioLisenter component should be added to your camera or another appropriate entity to enable 3D sound. There should only be 1 AudioListener in the level

Code snippets

Play a 3D sound::

Entity* cameraEntity = Entity::Instantiate("Camera");

Entity* audio3D = Entity::Instantiate("3DAudio");
audio3D->transform->SetWorldPos(Math::Vector3{0, 0, 0});
// AudioClip::Load loads the audio in the filepath under resource_path
// AudioSource constructor parameters:
// 0b001 - properties of AudioSource 0b=binary then from left to right:
// This AudioSource is NOT muted, NOT looping, but IS 3D
AudioSource* src3D = audio3D->AddComponent<AudioSource>(
    0b001, AudioClip::Load("Sound/zombie-hit.wav"));
// AudioPlay component which plays AudioSource on KeyCode press

Play a 2D sound:

Entity* audio2D = Entity::Instantiate("2DAudio");
AudioClip* clip = AudioClip::Load("Sound/sample_sound.mp3");
AudioSource* src2D = audio2D->AddComponent<AudioSource>();
src2D->SetProperty(AudioSource::Property::IS_3D, false);
src2D->SetProperty(AudioSource::Property::LOOP, true);
src2D->clip = clip;