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Welcome to Isetta Engine

We're building a game engine in 3 months. Is that crazy? We've been told so. But there's no way to learn like being pushed straight into the deep end!

We are a student project from Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center. The aim of the project is to help demystify the game engine development process for ourselves and any other novice developers who have interest in engine development but like us were too intimidated of where to start.

New here?

  • We are making a game engine called Isetta to learn about game engine development. The Isetta engine is open-sourced here.
  • We are documenting our whole process and recording all our discussions and decisions (even the bad ones) in weekly blogs starting from Week 0.
  • We are interviewing industry professionals to help learn what we don't know, we don't know. Then we are sharing an edited, "concise" version of the talk here.

Isetta timeline

Caution: This timeline is a work in progress, so the natural solution was to have TODO's to mark missing pieces.

Where are we now?

  • The latest changes for week 10 are available on GitHub here.
  • This week, our blog is titled "Grab A Bucket", because we were leaking memory all across the engine. We've patched a few of the big holes and also made our second game!
  • We recently interviewed with Raymond Graham, an engineer at the San Francisco Unity office on the Spotlight Team! Raymond gave us some great insight ranging from his time working on NBA games to helping team make their best possible game with Unity. Much like others he mentioned there are fewer engine developers and how its becoming A Lost Art.
  • For a quick glance at progress, here is our engine architecture and what we think we have completed so far.

Engine Architecture

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