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Mission Statement

Game engine development is a very wide field in the industry, but also a very inaccessible one. Budding engineers are advised to just jump into development to learn, and it's for this reason that the Isetta Engine project came to be.

Our team is building a game engine specialized for the twin-stick shooter genre. Every step of the way we will be documenting our process through a dedicated blog. Readers can hear from us personally and get an in-depth look at our journey to create the engine. In addition, we will supplement our content through regular interviews with industry professionals who have built their own engines before.

Between our own hands-on process and sage advice from veteran engineers, we hope to give newcomers a clearer representation of the engine-building process.

This project will span from August to December of 2018 and all of our progress and code will be accessible via the git repo.


Although the project is aimed at helping novice developers, this is not to be used as a sole source of learning engine development. Being new engine developers ourselves, we can't guarantee the way we develop the engine will be correct, which is why interviews will help the project remain grounded. This means others who are learning can use what we've done as a guide and not necessarily the ground truth. The blogs won't be a walkthrough/tutorial/step-by-step instructions on how to develop an engine.

This also isn't a project about learning C++, programming patterns (although we will be using them), or design principles (which we will try to adhere to). From our understanding engine development can be messy, and although we will try to do our best, we have limited time to develop so we will comment, test, and design as much as we can without losing sight of the goal.